Vol 15 No 1 (2024): JURNAL TRITON (Issue in Progress)

JURNAL TRITON Vol. 15 No 1. June 2024, contains the results of applied research in the field of extension, socio-economy, and agricultural engineering. The article was officially published on June 21, 2024.



Published: 2024-06-21

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Efektivitas Whey sebagai Feed Additive pada Broiler
Effectiveness of Whey as a Feed Additive in Broilers
Kamelia Oktafiyanti, Cintya Dienardila Anisa, Ulya Rafa Zul’adhar, Yasri Rahmawati

64 66 Page 1-9


Received: 05 Dec 2022; Accepted: 04 Oct 2023; Available Online: 31 Jan 2024;